Clancy's Meat Co is committed to British Columbia local product and are proud to support BC's farmers and our local economy. 

Reducing our carbon footprint, supporting local businesses and ensuring all our products are as fresh as possible for our customers

is a cornerstone in Clancy's business model.

Learn more about where your food comes from when you buy from Clancy's Meat Co below!

Rossdown Farms And Natural Foods, Langley BC

Rossdown Farm's mission is to be a trusted, local source for healthy, high quality poultry products. A fourth generation family farming operation, Rossdown is proud to have farms from Langley to the BC interior and employ over 250 employees. Famous for their "Farm to Plate" vertically integrated poultry operations, Rossdown breeds their eggs, hatches their own chicks, produces their own feed and grows their poultry as well as cut/process all their own meat. They ensure all their farms meet strict guidelines for animal care, and are audited regularly to exceed standards and practices each year.  Their operation not only abides by a lower carbon footprint model, they also  implement sustainable practices in every stage of their production processes. Rossdown farms produces juicy, no water added, free run chicken and turkey that always tastes delicious and fresh. 

The Original Cakerie, Delta BC

The Original Cakerie is the leading manufacturer of high quality frozen desserts to retail and restaurants across North America. Whether its delicious layer cakes or flavourful dessert bars, they use only high quality ingredients with no aritifical flavours or transfats. All production facilities are certified by the highest standards in the food industry. 

The Original Cakerie was established in 1979 by founders Doug McFetridge and Kent Morris, as a small bakery producing high quality dessers for local restaurants in Victoria BC. As the business grew, larger facilities were needed and in 1989, a new plant was opened in Delta BC. The Cakerie expanded soon after London Ontario and continued to grow - now serving customers all across North America.  The Original Cakerie desserts are sure to provide you and your family with a memorable, delicious dessert experience with home made taste every time! 

Casalinga Foods, Burnaby BC

Freshly prepared daily using unprocessed, fresh local ingredients, Casalinga Foods have been providing convenient meal solutions to busy families for over 20 years. As a locally owned and operated company, Casalinga offers a variety of  fresh frozen food options including non medicated, additive free and healthy ready made meals that are economically priced. Great for busy families who want health concious, home made meals ready to heat and serve -  Clancy's is proud to offer Casalinga's delicious meals and products  fresh direct to our customers at a great price!


Global Gourmet Foods, Richmond BC

Global Gourmet Foods was founded locally in 1988 by Anne and Lawrence Hill with a mission of providing "Quality Food From People Who Care." Providing customers with high quality ready made foods made with top ingredients, Global products come locally from their HACCP high efficiency facilities in Richmond BC.  Dedicated to the highest possible food safety standards, Global uses many quality management programs mandated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency  and regularly reviews food safety and quality to exceed standards. This ensures the best gourmet products for you and your family. Try out some of their amazing products sold at your local Clancy's like our famous low sodium Mac n Cheese!  

Albion Farms And Fisheries, Richmond BC 

A world class leader in the seafood industry, Albion was started by British Columbian Dave T. Athey in March of 1963 out of the back of his pickup truck. It has evolved as the leader in Seafood distribution  that employs over 300 people in four different locations. Their mission is to bridge the gap between provider/ producer and customer by sourcing all their seafoods from local BC producers. From Port McNeill to Powell River, Albion receives top quality fish and shellfish directly  from local fisheries ensuring fresh, delicious seafood every time. 

Simon's Pies, Richmond BC

Simon's Specialty Foods is proud to celebrate 30 years of quality products in th food specialty industry! Operating out of Richmond BC, SImon's has been supplying freshly prepared authentic sweet and savoury pies and pastries  since 1984. Their products are known throughout western Canada as having  truely homemade flavour and being "better than homemade."  Come in to Clancy's to try one of their fruit pies, pastry rolls, meat pies or specialty pies (who could resist a fresh Samosa?) and experience true local craftmanship at its freshest! Dinner is served! 

Johnston's Pork, Chilliwack BC

This Chilliwack based, family run company started in 1937 as a one man operation, and since have grown, perservered and adapted to change while maintaining their tranditional values of family, community, quality and service.  They now employ and support over 120 families in the Fraser Valley area! Johnston's quarantees that all their pork products meet high standards of quality, ensuring all their local farm suppliers have various certifications and have completed many extensive programs within the "Production Protocol Certification Standard" in BC. This includes meeting  and exceeding food safety, nutrient, medication and animal care standards to make sure each animal is of the highest quality.  Johnston's also focuses largely on the environment - they use bio diesel trucks, focus on plants to reduce hydro useage, and only purchase from local farms that have environmental and sustainability programs in place. Johnston's pork products are produced year round and come straight from family farms in the Fraser Valley - they process "tip to tail" and deliver their products fresh the next day.  You can be sure that delicious pork is waiting for you  fresh daily at Clancy's!